PROWIDE objectives

The overall goal of the PROWIDE project is to help HEIs make a transition to high-quality online education and, in particular, to remote exams by ensuring the best possible academic integrity. More specifically, PROWIDE project aims to:

  • boost HEIs capacities towards implementing holistic Online Proctoring strategies;
  • raise awareness of HEIs stakeholders for Online Proctoring services;
  • promote new job opportunities related to the management of Online Proctoring services within different sectors by having a specific focus on HEIs.

Target groups and stakeholders

PROWIDE project addresses a series of strategic target groups and stakeholders inside and outside the partnership that can directly and/or indirectly benefit from the project outcomes as well as disseminate and exploit project’s key results, as follows:

  • teaching, administrative (i.e. employees at Examination offices, Departments of Education), IT, and managerial staff at HEIs,
  • students,
  • academic and non-academic job seekers,
  • VET providers, testing and certification agencies,
  • Centers for (academic) further education,
  • Online Proctoring companies,
  • Regional, national and European educational policy makers.

Envisaged impact

PROWIDE project has a greater potential to contribute to:

  • Improving HEIs capacities towards delivering high-quality, flexible and accessible online education,
  • Increasing innovation potential, competitiveness, and digital readiness of HEIs,
  • Reinforcing cooperation between HEIs and OP providers,
  • Enhancing employment rate among academic and non-academic job seekers,
  • Increasing opportunities for up- or reskilling of workforce in a formal or non-formal learning context,
  • Adopting good Online Proctoring practices by educational policy makers,
  • Improving transnational understanding, cooperation, and collaboration.