2nd Transnational Partner Meeting in Rome

After 7 months of virtual collaboration, PROWIDE partners finally met each other on April 5 in Rome on invitation of partner UNINETTUNO. During the 1-day in-person meeting, partners discussed in detail the curriculum of the future training program Online Proctoring Manager. The structure and learning outcomes under each module were precisely defined as well as quality indicators for learning contents were specified.

Furthermore, partners outlined a concept of the special training for the facilitators of the training program Online Proctoring Manager. Their tasks will be to deliver the training to pilot attendees and also to all who will be interested in attending the training after the project’s life time.

A nice get together with all partners in the „Eternal City“ of Rome was, of course, a must! Thanks a lot to our colleagues Davide and Dario for their hospitality! We returned back full of energy and inspirations for our future work.

PROWIDE partnership at Uninettuno, Rome

Get together in Travestere