Multiplier Event in GERMANY: Mumbo jumbo Proctoring?

Mumbo Jumbo Proctoring: Under this half-curious half-ironic motto, PROWIDE team Germany composed of project members from the FHM (Tim Brueggemann, Sonja Intveen) and Proctorio (Markus Schwab) organized the multiplier event on June 28, 2023. The half-day conference, which was implemented in hybrid format, went far beyond the national event since it attracted 44 participants across the globe coming from Armenia, Moldova, India, Turkey, Finland, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Montenegro and Kyrgyzstan! The most exciting thing was that the event was attended in person by 31 foreign guests from Armenia and Moldova who were highly interested in learning more about Europe’s best practices in the field of online teaching, learning and assessment and combined their study visit to Germany with the PROWIDE conference. At the same time, we were very pleased to welcome 12 virtual participants who followed our discussions remotely.

During the event, the FHM speaker Tim Brueggemann in a very passionate fashion first presented our motivation behind the project and our goals by stressing the necessity to ensure a flexible and accessible education for all. Then Markus from Proctorio demonstrated the features of Proctorio software and invited participants to be part of an online proctored exam. Cheating was allowed, but only for trial purposes! At the end of the event, we initiated an open discussion aiming to talk about the future of Online Proctoring.

Multiplier Event at the FHM

In-person participants of the event

Virtual attendees of the event