Multiplier Event in ITALY

The Multiplier Event in Italy took place on June 20 at the main campus of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO Sala delle Bandiere. 10 professors and researchers from Uninettuno, including researchers and professors, joined the event as well as 18 participants from other Italian universities.

During the event, the speakers and participants had the opportunity to discuss HEI assessment topics in general, with a particular focus on deepening the understanding of the online proctoring system. Professor Dario Assante presented PROWIDE project, showcasing the training course Online Proctoring Manager and highlighting the achievements  of four pilot Uninettuno staff members who completed the course and obtained the Online Proctoring Manager qualification. This was followed by a discussion that explored various aspects related to online proctoring, such as legal framework and limitations, as well as its prospects in the Italian university system.

Participants of the Multiplier event at UNINETTUNO

Multiplier Event