Multiplier Event in LATVIA: "... no mumbo jumbo at all"

The Multiplier event in Latvia with the title “Smart Future of Education: Online Assessment and Proctoring” was implemented by the team of Liepaja University on June 27, 2023 as a hybrid conference. The event was supported, on the one hand, by PROWIDE partners Thomas Fetsch, CEO of Proctorio GmbH in Germany, who participated in the conference in person and shared the experience of Proctorio with the online examinations, as well as by Cengiz Hakan Aydin from the Anadolu University, who virtually presented their practical experience in implementing the online proctoring solutions. On the other hand, the event was enriched by the contributions of invited speakers from outside the PROWIDE partnership, such as University of Latvia and State Education Development Agency of Latvia. They focused on challenges of Online Assessment for foreign students’ testing as well as on opportunities offered by Erasmus+ towards further exploring the project topic.

A total of 34 external guests coming from eight different countries, such as Armenia, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine and South Africa, took part in the event. The most of them highlighted that they learned a lot new about the Online Proctoring and gained a valuable experience relating to the exchange with experts from different countries.

LiepU team welcomes participants of the Multiplier Event

Tomas Fetsch (Proctorio) talks about Online Proctoring