Multiplier Event in TÜRKIYE

The team of Anadolu University opened the series of PROWIDE Multiplier Events and implemented their hybrid dissemination conference entitled “The Future of Online Assessment and Proctoring" on May 5, 2023.  A total of 64 external guests coming from 28 different institutions in Türkiye, Greece, Pakistan, and Malaysia, participated in the event, in addition to the 11 PROWIDE project partners from FHM, Proctorio, AU, LiepU, and Uninettuno. The presentations and discussions took place in the event lounge and were broadcasted to virtual guests via the Zoom platform. Some sessions of the event were also broadcasted via the YouTube account of the Anadolu University Open Education Faculty.

During the event, all project deliverables and experiences obtained during the pilot implementation of the course Online Proctoring Manager at Anadolu University as well as at partner institutions were presented and discussed in the context of the future of online education and proctoring. The most relevant outcome of this event was the inspiration of the audience by innovative ways of implementing online assessment and proctoring.

Interested in viewing the event? Watch the YouTube video below!

Multiplier event in TÜRKIYE

PROWIDE team attends the first Multiplier Event in Türkiye

Prof. Dr. Cengiz Hakan Aydin welcomes guests of the Multiplier Event at Anadolu University

Prof. Dr. Tim Brüggemann talks about FHM experience with Online Proctoring