PROWIDE focus groups completed!

During October – December 2021, PROWIDE partnership conducted focus groups and/or individual interviews with specialists and stakeholders engaged with online assessment and proctoring. 32 persons (among them, teaching and IT staff, employees from Examination offices, online proctoring experts) from Germany, Italy, Latvia and Turkey took part in this survey, which was implemented virtually and in face-to-face mode. Thanks to the vivid discussions all around Online Proctoring, we gathered valuable data regarding knowledge, skills and competences of future Online Proctoring Managers, investigated requirements and tasks they should perform as well as identified strategies for risks mitigation connected with the introduction of Online Proctoring services at higher education institution.

We would like to express our gratitude to experts from the following institutions who shared their thoughts about Online Proctoring within the focus groups:


  • Bavarian Competence Center for Remote Exams
  • Technical University of Bavaria
  • Aalen University (Canvas Team)
  • Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences


  • University of Milan
  • Catholic University of Milan
  • Polytechnic of Turin
  • Roma Tre University


  • Yasar University
  • Osmangazi University
  • Eskisehir Technical University
  • Ege University
  • Maltepe University.

Focus group in Germany

Online interview with Professor Maurizio Patrignani (Roma Tre University, Italy)

Online interview with Matthias Gerstner (Bavarian Competence Center for Remote Exams, Germany).