Training for PROWIDE instructors in Bielefeld

From June 28 to July 1, 2022, 13 trainers from PROWIDE partner institutions participated in the joint staff training event hosted by Fachhochschule des Mittelstands in Bielefeld (Germany). The training aimed at enabling trainees to deliver and facilitate the training course Online Proctoring Manager, which is currently being developed by the partnership, during and after the project’s lifetime. This training course has a few specifics, such as open online format, transnationally designed contents, international instructors and attendees, new and innovative topics and – last but not least – specific exam at the end of the training, which is supposed to be taken using online proctoring software. Therefore, there was a need to jointly discuss the features of each module of the training course and to agree on the course delivery format.

The highlight of the training was the simulation of an online proctored exam led by partner Proctorio. During this workshop, participants tested typical stakeholder roles of a learner and teacher when taking an online proctored exam, and could better understand their behaviours, fears and concerns. 

Now our instructors feel more confident and well-prepared to their upcoming mission number 1, which is to deliver the training course Online Proctoring Manager to pilot attendees.

By the way, very soon the call for applications will be published inviting potential beneficiaries to get registered for the pilot edition of the training course. Follow our developments and be among the first applicants of this unique training opportunity! 

PROWIDE training facilitators visiting Sparrenburg in Bielefeld

PROWIDE training in Bielefeld: team Anadolu University

PROWIDE training in Bielefeld: team Uninettuno

PROWIDE training in Bielefeld: preparations to a trial online proctored exam by Markus Schwab (Proctorio) and Tim Brueggemann (FHM)