The central output of the PROWIDE project was the Further education program Online Proctoring Manager.
To produce this output, 8 tasks were performed by the transnational PROWIDE team that resulted into creation of a series of relevant deliverables. Learn more about our work and feel free to download and to benefit from our results. 

TASK 1: Development of the qualification profile Online Proctoring Manager

Lead: Uninettuno

The qualification profile outlines set of professional and transversal skills and competences of a potential Online Proctoring Manager, desired qualifications and accomplishments, and job tasks. All the requirements to an Online Proctoring Manager were determined through individual and group interviews with experts from PROWIDE countries engaged with the topics of Online Proctoring, Online Assessment, open and distance education, and Quality Assurance. The insights from the interviews were also integrated to the qualification profile.

Download Qualification Profile

TASK 2: Design and development of the curriculum Online Proctoring Manager

Lead: Anadolu University

Based on the elaborated qualification profile Online Proctoring Manager, a bespoke curriculum for the associated training course was designed by the partnership. Check out the curriculum below.

Download Curriculum Online Proctoring Manager

TASK 3: Creation of digital learning content

Lead: Anadolu University

As the course was supposed to be offered fully online, the digital contents consisting of short learning videos and/or screencasts, supporting text materials, additional readings (available as downloadable PDFs), quizzes for self-assessment were designed and developed by project partners. Later on, they were integrated to the online learning environment.

A few digital resources were turned to a project-style repository of Open Education Ressources entitled OER4OPM. You can access und use them for free, you only need to make a simple registartion at Moodle platform of Anadolu University. Feel free to click the button below, complete the registartion, and benefit from the PROWIDE repositiory:



TASK 4: Design of the Online Learning Environment

Lead: Anadolu University

Partner Anadolu University created a course structure at their institutional LMS Moodle. All partners integrated the digital contents produced under the modules of their responsibility to Moodle. Additionally, partner Proctorio was assigned with a special task to set up online proctored exams under each module as well as for the final exam on Moodle. The pilot course attendees were supposed to take proctored exams to ensure a fair assessment, but also to experience how it feels to be supervised by Artificial Intelligence.

TASK 5: Development and implementation of the train-the-trainer activity

Lead partners: Fachhochschule des Mittelstands, Proctorio

The pilot iteration of the course Online Proctoring Manager was supposed to be guided by native facilitators. To prepare them for this mission, the train-the-trainer activity (so-called LTTA) was designed and implemented at the FHM. Course facilitators from the FHM, Uninettuno, AU and LiepU discussed the teaching, learning and assessment strategy under the course. Moreover, they were trained by Proctorio trainers in setting up an online proctored exam and interpreting the Proctorio Gradebook.

TASK 6: Piloting of the Online Proctoring Manager program

Lead: Uninettuno

The online course Online Proctoring Manager was piloted from October 2022 to February 2023. 90 participants registered for the course. Though, only 17 of them did complete the entire course, successfully passed through the online proctored exams, and received a certificate Online Proctoring Manager with 6 ECTS. The feedback of pilot course participants regarding their satisfaction with the training, was collected through an online questionnaire and analysed in a comprehensive evaluation report, which can be viewed below.

TASK 7: Adapting the Online Proctoring Manager program to the non-formal learning context

Lead: Anadolu University

We are happy to announce that from now on, the course Online Proctoring Manager is available for free at LMS Moodle of partner Anadolu University. Feel free to get registered at Moodle by clicking on

Self-paced course Online Proctoring Manager

No need to pay anything. You can take as many modules as you want. No start or end date, just follow your own pace when learning.

Enjoy the course!

TASK 8: Adapting the Online Proctoring Manager program to the formal learning context

Lead: Fachhochschule des Mittelstands

PROWIDE partners were highly committed to sustain the project results through integrating the course contents to their running formal study programs, or offering stand-alone further education opportunities for those interested in receiving a qualification Online Proctoring Manager. Seven institutional scenarios were developed, which are currently being implementing at participating institutions. Take a glance at the document below (available in different languages) that presents the institutional strategies of PROWIDE partners towards preserving the course contents

Download institutional scenarios